Friday, 30 December 2011

Where Can I Eat Near Glendon?

No matter what university you go to, at some point you will get sick of the cafeteria food. Whether it stems from the fact that you've had grilled cheese every night for a week or that the "soup of the day" has been some weird brown concoction for the past three days, a change of scenery, food-wise, is always a good thing.

With a 10 minute bus ride on the famous 11 bus (Ok, it's not famous but when you come to Glendon, you'll know all about it), going south, you'll find yourself in a friendly neighbourhood, surrounded by a variety of shops and restaurants.

As food is a main concern for many as you head off to university, I thought it would be appropriate to give you a quick run-down of five favourite and very popular restaurants on Bayview that are great for students:

Hollywood Gelato - 1640 Bayview Avenue  

An absolute must stop when going to Bayview, especially on a hot day, Hollywood Gelato makes all of your wildest dreams about frozen treats come true. For chocolate lovers, there's Peanut Butter Chocolate Wafer, Twixx, or Skor gelato available. For the ones with a little less of a sweet tooth, do try the Lemon, Raspberry, or Pear sherbet. If gelato is not your thing, or it's too cold to think about having something frozen, they also have a coffee bar and pastries are available.

Price Range - Moderate

Satay On The Road - 1572 Bayview Avenue 

If your taste-buds need some waking up and Asian-fusion cuisine is more to your taste, Satay On The Road is a must try. Satay On The Road has generous portions of an eclectic-mix, while some restaurant goers says that it has Toronto's best Pad Thai noodles. And as an extra bonus, takeout and delivery is also available.

Price Range - Moderate
Individual Desserts available at Patisserie La Cigogne

Patisserie La Cigogne - 1626 Bayview Avenue 

Want to pretend you're in France and maybe practice your French, all while eating one of these desserts? Well, look no further than down the street. With its cozy atmosphere it's the perfect place for a new study scene and in addition to their various rich desserts, La Cigogne also has an all day breakfast and brunch with fresh French breads and pastries baked daily.

Price Range- A little pricey but worth it for a treat!

Duff's Famous Wings - 1604 Bayview Avenue 

Known for having the best wings in the city, Duff's is more essential eating for Glendon students. With its great atmosphere, Duff's is a perfect hangout for students to catch a game or to just catch up. And on Tuesdays, it's only $3.50 for a pound of wings!

Price Range - Moderate

The Bagel House - 1548 Bayview Avenue 

Haven't had a good bagel since you left Montreal? No matter what time of day it is, The Bagel House has authentic and fresh Montreal style bagels turning out of their wood burning oven. Now opened 24 hours, 7 days a week, The Bagel House should cure your bagel craving no matter what time of day.

Price Range - Moderate

This post was also inspired by BlogTO's feature on "Where To Eat and Drink Around Glendon College." Check out what they had to say here.


courtney said...

Ommmmm nom nom. This was an awesome post .. particularly for me to read when I'm hungry! I second almost every single one of your nominations, except The Bagel House - but that's only because I haven't been there.

And they're right - Satay on the Road had my favourite pad thai ever. :)

Juan Garrido said...

I'm going to have to try to convince someone to go get gelato with me, now. eAmbassador field trip?

Esther Phua said...

Hey, this was so useful! Thanks Laura!

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