Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Glendon Club Spotlight: Radio Glendon

Our awesome Radio Glendon man!
Similar to Glendon's student newspaper, Pro Tem, Glendon's radio station, Radio Glendon, is knee-deep in history too! A fun fact: in 1982, my own father used to guest DJ with his buddy (who went to Glendon) - He would also bat his chest and pretend he was in a helicopter to tell the traffic report....but I won't get into that...

Since its creation in 1977, Radio Glendon has gone through a major evolution. Originally a "cable radio" outlet, Radio Glendon converted to an AM radio station in 1990 and later to FM radio in 2005 under the name CKRG-FM. Finally, Radio Glendon made the big change to online radio in 2010.

Taking up new residence at, Radio Glendon is home to a variety of student run shows, filled with the best talk, mainstream music, and even some music that you've probably never heard of. As an extra plus, Radio Glendon strives to be a twenty-four hour radio station and with Glendon's multi-lingual student body, Radio Glendon does not limit itself to English only shows. So whatever time it is and whatever language you speak, Radio Glendon can cater to your needs. 

As this year's Music Industry Rep for the station and on the air every Thursday from 12:30 - 1:30, I can personally tell you that Radio Glendon is one extra-special part of the Glendon student community. Located in the basement of the manor, Radio Glendon is a hidden gem at Glendon, always looking for fresh, new show ideas and new student involvement.

Once again, like Pro Tem, Radio Glendon has been about rebuilding and rebranding, hoping to become more acknowledged within not only the Glendon community but in the student radio community as a whole. We marked this rebuilding process in style with an official launch at the start of the school year.

As two huge supporters of Radio Glendon, Kelly Lui and Nazampal (Naz) Jaswal are two of our most prominent DJs, hosting their show "Hummus and Baba Ganoush Show" every Monday from 11 to 1pm. (You can like the show on Facebook!) Featuring great conversation and always stellar tunes, Kelly and Naz answered a few questions I had for them about their involvement with Radio Glendon:

What do you like most about being involved in the radio station?

Naz - I get to listen to myself talk....*laughs*
Kelly- You get to play the music that you like!
N - Yeah, that's the biggest thing. Actually playing the music that you like and introduce people to sounds that they might not usually listen to.

Why do you think future students should be involved with Radio Glendon?

N - To hear themselves talk. *laughs* I think it's important because you get different voices on the air and you get different music. It's another way for people to express themselves and it's important to have a fun outlet when you're in school.
K - I just love getting that nervous feeling when you're on air. And also, it works on your confidence. As Naz said, having a form of expression and getting yourself out there. It's also a different side to the Glendon personality, I think.

For all things Radio Glendon, we're on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, to listen live check out our website.

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